Paws 4 Fun

. . . . K9 Nose Work scent kits, supplies and more


We have multiple tubes available, each has a cap with hole for the odor to escape.

Large Tubes:

Price: $1.00 each

Green floral -Translucent green floral tube with cap, 3.50”.  These tubes are molded from unbreakable polypropylene plastic.

Green Pik – Translucent green floral pik with attached cap, 4.25″ or 2.50″.  These tubes are molded from unbreakable polypropylene plastic and have a pointed end for easy ground/dirt placements.

Clear Test Tube – Clear polystyrene tube with cap,  2.2”. 

Printed Test Tube – Polypropylene tube with cap plus scent name printed on the side in large font, 2.2″.  The tubes are clear.

Large Tube :

Small Tubes:

Price:  $.35 each

Graduated Tubes – Polypropylene plastic tubes with attached snap cap, 1.60″.  Colors: clear, black, yellow, blue, green, amber, orange, purple and pink.

Screw Top Tubes – Polypropylene plastic tubes with screw top cap, 2.0″.  Colors: clear, black and amber.

Small Tube :

Flat Tubing

Price:  $1.00/bag of 5

This flexible/heat shrink tubing slides easily into small spaces.  It works best for searches utilizing sidewalk cracks, car door jambs, hinges, file cabinets, etc.   There are 3 colors available in each size, sold in a package of 5. 

Small: 2″ long, 3/8″ wide, fits 1 swab

Large: 2″ long, 9/16″ wide, fits 1-3 swabs

Flat Tubing :

Lip Balm Tube

Price:  $1.50 each

3.19″ x .47″ slim lip balm tubes with cap (no hole in cap).  Currently one color available, black.

Lip Balm Tube :