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Labeled Jars

Labeled Jars

Many Nose Work enthusiasts use jars to store their scent containers.  We’ve kicked it up a notch with these labeled jars.  The 12 oz. glass wide mouth jars make it easy to reach in and grab each item.  All the containers are labeled so you can keep scents segregated.  The labels have a special strong adhesive that adheres to all container types.  It’s also an inexpensive way for a beginner to get started.  You may also purchase just the jar for $6.00.

Price:  $15.00 each

We can also customize a jar with the scent containers you prefer.  Email us using the Contact Us page link and we’ll work with you to create your special jar.


12 oz. clear glass, wide mouth jar with metal lid (3.15″ height, 3.40″ diameter)

One 1/2 oz. package Quake Hold

One 2″ pair of tweezers (colors may vary)

One small wide mouth vial with 5 scented cotton swabs

Five scent containers:

 Small round tin with rare earth magnet

Test tube

Green floral tube

Screw top tube (colors may vary)

Graduated tube (colors may vary)

Labeled Jar :
Labeled Jar :